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Computer Basics

Using the Mouse

   A basic mouse has two buttons:

The main actions with a mouse are:


Click – Press and release the Main Button


Double Click – Press and release the Main

Button twice quickly.

Right Click – Press and release the Right

mouse button once.

Select Text  – Press and Hold Down the Main


Hold Down the Main Button and Drag the

mouse icon across the screen to Select Text or other objects.          

Useful Terms

Icon – A symbol or picture used to represent something, such as the small

white arrow which represents your mouse, or the blue W used to launch MS Word.

Hardware – Hardware is the physical computer itself, and any attached

devices, such as the keyboard, monitor, and mouse.

Software – Software refers to the applications or programs running inside

the computer.  Microsoft Word is Software.

Operating System – The Operating System (in this case Windows) is the

main software application running on your computer.  It allows other programs to run. 


Keyboard Shortcuts


     Ctrl + s = Save (Do this ALL THE TIME)

     Ctrl + p = Print


      Ctrl + b = Bold text          …    Example

      Ctrl + i = Italic text           …    Example

      Ctrl + u = Underline text  …    Example 



      Ctrl + z = Undo last action

      Ctrl + y = Redo last action


      Ctrl + c = Copy (selected text)

      Ctrl + x = Cut

      Ctrl + v  = Paste



Introduction to Microsoft Word

MS Word is one of the most popular, powerful, and useful computer programs in the world.  Microsoft Word is a "Word Processor", which is a type of software application.

Word can be used to:

-          Write letters, stories, poetry, etc.

-          Design and print invitations and presentations.

-          Generate a table of contents or merge with a mailing list.

-          …and much, much more.

Useful Terms

Menu Bar – This is a picture of the Menu Bar:

-  You can use the Menu Bar to execute any and all commands on your Document, such as saving, printing, zooming in, cutting and pasting, etc.

Tool Bar – This is a picture of one of the Tool Bars:

-  A Tool Bar is a series of picture shortcuts to frequently used tools, such as changing the font, etc.  Any command accessible from the Tool Bars, is also accessible from the Menu Bar.

Cursor – The flashing black line in Word which represents your place on

the line.

            Document – A Microsoft Word file.

Tips and Tricks


Microsoft Word underlines misspelled words in RED

and grammar tips in GREEN


If you Right-Click with your mouse on a word underlined in red, you will be given a menu with some possible spellings.


If a word is spelled correctly (and is not underlined in RED), you can often Right-Click on it to be given a list of Synonyms (words that mean the same thing).