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Walls and Sidewalks


I meet a lot of walls.


Hard to get through, let alone through to,

not Ďcause theyíre missing bricks-

itís just no one wants to be pushed over and stepped on,

afraid of being the pavement,

itís easier to put up a front-


Donít bother with windows,

canít be seen as transparent,

or the whole house might as well be glass,

with you standing naked inside,

just waiting for stones to fly.


To be the wall or the sidewalk.


This seems to be the choice presented to every adolescent assessing their social status,

am I a cock or am I a pussy?


But ask any bisexual-

and theyíll tell you,

you donít have to make that choice,

and besides,

those arenít the only two options.


You could be nice without it being a sign of weakness,

choosing generosity can be a show of strength.


Do not confuse this kindness with cowardliness,

or every offered hand with an opportunity to take advantage.


Some people run away from fights they know they can win.


Some people donít grab every piece of ass offered,

and not being promiscuous doesnít make you less sexy-

it makes you more-

thatís simple economics,

decreased supply equals increased demand!


Do not confuse this self control with a lack of self confidence,

the truly confident donít have to constantly prove it,

to reaffirm their self worth by fighting or fucking all comers.


They donít bother with false fronts,

or shudder at the thought of being exposed.


They know you can stand up for yourself without being an obstacle to anotherís happiness,

or crushing someone else underfoot-


They know the strongest structures are flexible,

the best bridges leave room for sway,

that way,

when the earth quakes and the hurricanes hit,

they can move with the wind and the world and stay strong at the core.


If youíre going to live your life as a metaphor,

you donít have to choose between wall and floor,

you could be a door,

or a toy mack truck,

you could be a pond of coy,

or a flagged kite tail.


Just as long as you can bend,

move and make choices,

you could be a cheetah

or a chorus of voices,

you could be a song,

a flock of geese fleeing,

or you could just be a decent human being.



(c) Copyright 2008, Daniel Strack

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