Danny Strack


Copyright (C) Daniel Strack, 2005
All Rights Reserved




December 30, 2005







Light cue 4 - half light FADE IN

Live Band plays upbeat Intro

DANNY walks to center front

2 Cardboard buildings with frowns for doors against back corner




Music turns softer and sadder, more bluesy, continues playing in background

***Begin Slideshow with off rhymed words

01:00 (one minute)


Things were looking grim in Happyville,

a plague had swept over the town,

unemployment was up,

the mayor was corrupt,

and the people walked around with sad expressions on their faces.

Sad villagers walk across the stage


City hall and the crooked mayor,

could be found in town square,

which was also the place,

the people would meet each night,



rabble, rabble, rabble


to complain about their plight,

they cried:


We must react angrily to this situation!

Mob walks off stage

Music starts to turn a bit happier


Then one day summer came,

the plague began to wane,

the market started to gain,

and the mayor was canned and beaten with a stick.


Yet people were unchanged,

continued laying blame,

did nothing but complain,

and one man thought that this was really too bad.


Now his lot had been no better than most,

all of his assets were seized,

his family was lost to disease,

and with no home, he was very cold all the time.


But with winter in the past,

his mourning was coming to an end,

music grows happier


Light cue 1 full LIGHTS


he thawed and saw light at last,

and now had a message to deliver to the people.

DANNY walks up onto stage stands between buildings

He dressed up as a clown,

and traveled into town,

and in the square people gathered 'round,

Mob comes back in with some hidden weapons, they rabble some more

to yell and chant, to make a loud lively ruckus,

Crowd gathers around DANNY

but when crowd's eyes turned to the man in white paint,

Everyone grows quiet and looks at the DANNY

and they bade that he make his complaint,

rather than tell them what he thought was wrong,

he shuffled about, and sang this little ditty:

Crowd Shifts so that audience can see danny

Music Cuts Out completely

DANNY, shuffling about on stage, sings in a sad voice:


"I know that things were bad,

but there's no need to still be unhappy.


Sure it sounds cheesy,

but it's really very simple,

to make your cheeks crease.


It's time for the crying to end,

for our hearts to grow back together,

look out and see the golden sun shining,

it's time for us to stop being sad all the time."


DANNY (as narrator):

The people were quiet for a minute,

then someone yelled that he was an idiot.

One Voice:



Then someone else hit him with a rock,

and everyone was mocking and making fun,

and the call went out,


"Grab your weapons!"

"Plus someone get a rope, we're going to hang this dope!"

Mob pulls out weapons.


Our hero could see they were ready to attack,

so no turning back,

he broke through the crowd and ran for the horizon,

Mob chases DANNY off stage

Now the folks on his tail had crossbows and blowguns,

throwing stars, cattle-prods, and double-barreled shotguns,

tasers, lasers, and blow-guns,

and a 21 magnum.


Sound of many weapons firing off-stage, in the order listed


and they were right on his tail as he zipped down the path,

shooting and shocking, unleashing their wrath-

04:00 (four Minutes)

light cue 3 - Lights fade out to spotlight on DANNY

Helpers remove buildings in darkness

And they chased that clown right out of their town.

Then returned to their homes.


But the clown couldn't go back to his,

so he traveled in search of a new one,

and some folks say he finally found it.


*Segway 1

Music begins again




I was that clown,

looking for an escape,

roaming the country song side,

wondering what winter weather was like in Tampa,

I decided to find out,

so I hopped a train due south from Arkansas,

switched tracks in Texas,

when on my way east toward the bayou bay,

I was booted off the train and sent on my way.

nowhere else to go and looking for some fun,

I ended up in Galveston.


light cue 4 - Lights fade up to half

Dockworker walks onto stage behind DANNY





where got to talking to this dockworker,

who said:



I know of a place you could get away to:

The Cloud Carnival of Cairo,

where runaway animals hold an eternal circus in the sky-

in fact,

it's on that cloud right there-'


***Clouds Projected on Screen



and that all sounded pretty unbelievable to me,

I said,

if it's a circus from Cairo,

what's it doing above Galveston?"



Why, it floated here!


and that was enough for me!


"How can I get up there?"

I asked him,

and he sold me what he told me was a giant dragonfly egg,

Dockworker gives giant egg to DANNY, then exits stage right,

DANNY examines it-

which then hatched in my hands,

and huge wings unfolded to a ten foot span...

The insect took hold of my shoulders

5:30 (five and a half minutes)

***Sound Cue 1 - prerecorded narration Track 1 starts -

and we took off

up through the clouds

Danny Zips out Stage Right

Helpers unroll 'clouds' on the stage

only to emerge above them


light cue 1 - full lights fade in


to sunlight streaming across a fantastic cloudscape Serengeti

Helpers show cloudscape of elephants and gazelles

where I saw intelligent elephants and gazelles in glasses

grazing on wispy white grass

and then we were zooming above a soft fluffy path,

so I struggled my shoulders and when the dragonfly let go,

Helpers leave stage left

I landed like a teddy bear in a toilet paper commercial-

rolling into a somersault

and through a cartwheel and a carnival archway

DANNY rolls out onto cloud covered stage right from behind curtains,
sits and looks amazed

*** End Sound Cue 1 - prerecorded narration ends

Band Starts the Oompa


where the world turned cotton candy


helpers turn Pink lighting on clouds

and I saw forked flags waving from tent top towers


band starts playing circus music, soft at first, but louder and louder moving into full oompa


and then came the all ape brass band parading down the lane

playing irresistible,

da-da dadadada da-da, da-da

endlessly looping,

da-da dadadada da-da, da-da

and I forgot I was human as I

took up a spare set of cymbals

DANNY leaps up and grabs cymbals

and clashed crashing after them,

Clashes them to the music

Circus music fades but continues to play through piece:

joined them, enchanted,

pulled, past tent flaps

DANNY pulled around and through screen

and into the enormous center-ring,

where we wove through spiraling concentric circles,

of colorful critters in silly circus costumes:

***projection of zowie kapow cover animals


helpers hand out animal masks to audience then bring out monkey puppets, ballet horse sticks, etc., and display them to the audience in order throughout the following sequence:

the outermost edge made up of monkey mimes!

trapped in a train of invisible boxcars,

chugging silently around a ring of ballerina horses in tutus, on two legs,

leaping and rotating pirouettes, as they,

circled a circle of seven elephant clowns on tricycles,

spraying water from fire hose noses up into the air, where,

acrobatic lions and tigers and bears wearing spandex,

were swinging by their teeth from ceiling trapezes,

and floating in the focus, in the center of it all,

was the ringmaster magician chicken,

clucking commands and proclamations to her animal disciples!

and I was below, within, looking up, amazed!

still dancing and playing in the primate parade,

but when we reached the center circle,

I abandoned the band,

DANNY tosses cymbals aside and hops on tricycle, rides in a circle

to peddle with the painted pachyderms instead!


and as I came around again for a second circle,

I realized,

that I finally found my place in this world,

I found The Cloud Carnival of Cairo!

I joined The Eternal Animal Circus in the sky!!!!!

This was the happiest day of my life!!!!!!!!!!!


Light cue 3 - Drops to Spotlight on DANNY

danny gets off tricycle

Helpers Exit Stage Left

Music turns darkly cartoonish... like in Smurfs or Teddy Bears, then fades out completely




But then I realized something else,

all the animals were eyeing me uncomfortably,

some salivating...

the music and moving stopped abruptly-

and I looked up to see,

Dun dun Dun

the ringmaster magician chicken cluck,

and point down at me!

Dun dun Dun dun dun

The baboon behind me took a swing with his instrument-


In the dark, a helper sneaks up behind DANNY, taps on shoulder and takes a swing (on "swing")

danny ducks on the tap

Helpers then set up bar set behind DANNY during sound effect heavy chase sequence

I ducked,

Then the whole pack pounced all at once and bounced back off each other,

Sound Effect of Crashing and Bouncing

but I could see I was out of luck,


critters closing in quick,

when it hit me- wow!

we were standing on a cloud!

So I dove into the ground and wove my way away that way!

Danny steps Out of Spotlight

Sound Effect of Swooshing and Cloud Swimming


Now, all I'm gonna say,

is when you're swimming in a cloud,

you don't want to dig too deep or you'll fall into the sky.

Danny Returns to Spotlight

I surfaced outside gasping for breath,

looking back,

I saw the animals emerging from the big top in a stampede,

Sound of Stampede (elephants trumpet, growling, thunderous movement)

so I ran to the only shelter I could see,

a bare brick building bearing a sign that simply said "Bar",

which sounded waaaaaay better than being torn apart and eaten,

I rushed inside and slammed the door tight,

Sound of Door Slamming

right in their faces...



For the other half and WAY more, come see my play, Zowie Kapow! on Thursday, January 12, 2006 at Hyde Park Theatre, part of the FronteraFest Short Fringe!!!



Copyright (C) Daniel Strack, 2005
All Rights Reserved