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Short Poems from Zowie Kapow


Junior and Pops

“Junior," said Pops.
"What?" Said Junior.
"The Seraphs have broken free again, they done flown up into the sun."
"What we gonna do, Pops? Is magic gonna enter the world again?"
"I'm afraid so, Junior," said Pops,
"I'm afraid so."




The bright blue sky
shines off the windshield of a silver new car
as I walk through the oil-slick parking lot and cross the street
there are parallel rows of identical suns
smiling up at me


Lonely Lizard

Lonely lizard on the wall
ain't afraid of losing her tail-
when the slingshot kid
stabs his short muddy fingers
like he's stopping a wedding,
she sheds her veil without
concern or virtue, moving on
to life beyond the tale.


hear that?
I think there's something making music up there.

Fetch me a broomhandle and I'll see if I can jar it loose.



All Content (c) Copyright 2006, Daniel Strack

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