Even the tiniest speck of dust
    is an integral gear
    in this system of ours.

    His purpose is to float on currents in the wind,
    and to rest sometimes
    on my fingertip.

    Even he
    wonders what he's for,
    and who is guiding him.






    We were Chimpanzees, 
    But houses are our trees: 
    Windows displace light 
    More gently than the leaves. 

    We’ve conquered Earth, 
    Our place of birth, 
    But why should we stop there? 
    We could climb aboard our ships 
    And conquer everywhere. 

    We are the mighty Human Race, 
    Paint your eyes and shave your face, 
    Dream of stars and dream of space, 
    In ways that monkeys can’t conceive. 


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