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Danny is the author of 8 original collections of poetry and artwork. Get some here!

Expansion - The best ever collection of Danny's work, Expansion includes poetry, diagrams and graphs spanning 2009-early 2011. This book explores simple ideas that bring all of us together and make us special, all wrapped up in a space/time/science theme. Expansion features the poems: Singularily (Stephen Hawking), A Body in Motion, A Body at Rest, Agent of the Empire, An Isolated Cell, The Economy is Down, How to Feel Good About Saving the Environment & more. ($12)

Click Here to Buy a Copy of Expansion (on Createspace.com) Right Now!

Growth - Danny's 2008-2009 chapbook, Growth, features the poems: Walls and Sidewalks, The Snowball, A Scientist in Unrequited Love, Why Spoken Word is Better, Making Jane & more. ($10)

Click Here to Buy a Copy of Growth (on Createspace.com) Right Now!

Rebirth - Rebirth includes the poems: Stones Thrown in the Ocean, Political Theater, No Superman, I Can't Give You the Moon, The 12 Poems of Slam, and more! ($10)

Click Here to Buy a Copy of Rebirth (on Createspace.com) Right Now!

Other Books - Well, if you want copies of Dny's earlier five books (Blim Blam, Zip Zap, Zowie Kapow, Rrrrrrr Whaapp! & Forever), your best bet is to come see him at the Austin Poetry Slam.  He'll have copies on him.  You can also email (see the contact page), or find him on facebook. 
Click here for more info on Danny's first 5 books!

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