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- Dny Strack -
Is One of the Top Performance Poets in Texas  

  • Slammaster of the Austin Poetry Slam (2011 - Present)
  • 2010 Austin Poetry Slam Champion (Austin, TX)
  • 2008 National Poetry Slam Finalist (Madison, WS)
  • 2007 Southwest Shootout Individual Champ. (ABQ, NM)
  • 4 time member of the Austin Poetry Slam Team.
  • 4 time winner of the FronteraFest Theater Best-in-Fest Award.
Danny is currently touring across the United States spreading ideas, joy and mischievousness through his unique, comedy-infused, awe-inspirational poetry and juggling.  "Awspirational?"  Aww yeah.

Danny is full of ideas.  Many of them are good.

You should invite Danny to come perform or run a writing/performance workshop at your poetry slam, university, school, open mic, music venue, party, church, backyard or bathroom.  Might be hard to fit seats in that last one – but we can make it work!  

You can read Danny's full bio, watch performance videos, read personal testimonials about his work, or click here to contact Danny right now!

You can also find Danny on Facebook.com, YouTube.com, Couchsurfing.org, Wikipedia.org, AustinSlam.com, and many other places online.  

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Dny Performing at the Southwest Shootout
photo copyright (c) 2010 K. Kolchack

Dny w/ four arms
photo copyright (c) 2010 Katie Cowden


Big Poppa E (Eirik Ott - National Slam Champion):

"the way i figure it, there are only about ten original voices in the national poetry slam community, and the rest sound like one or more of them. the great exception to this rule is danny strack, who is easily one of the most most unique poetic voices i've ever met in the national poetry slam community. there is simply no one else like him. danny's work is full-colour and 3D, a dynamic whirlwind of passion and poetry - real poetry - tempered by a sweet-natured goofiness as charming as it is disarming. danny really, really believes in what he says, and he wants so badly to tell you all about it. even the most cynical curmudgeon will be swayed by the compassion and belief in humanity shining in danny's words. i love that kid!"


Shaggy (Jason Gossard - Slam Master of the San Antonio Poetry Slam):
"Danny Strack is that rare poet who keeps you on your toes for the duration of any given performance.  Poems twist and turn and take you places you never expect.  He plays with language in ways that leave you dazzled, and like the movie "The Usual Suspects", his writing satisfies yet also leaves you with a desire to go back and revisit each poem, examine them for complexities that you know are there. Writing and performance are top-notch and inspire veteran and rookie poets alike.

"Although Danny Strack calls Austin home, his occasional visits to PuroSlam in San Antonio have created a loyal and fierce following.  When word gets out that Strack is coming to slam, people make sure they are there to witness whatever lyrical wonders he has brought with him that week.  In my 11 plus years of running a slam, Danny Strack has been one of the most beloved and respected slam poets ever to perform in San Antonio."

Thom the World Poet (Famed International Traveling Improv Poetry Master):

This is to affirm the professional poetic reputation of Danny Strack. Danny lives an original life, bravely wordjousting with positive poetic scripting. He affirms intelligent altruism by exemplifying its best practices.

Danny is reliable, punctual, honest and helpful to all with whom he is in contact. He is a citizen of the future, creating scenarios for those moments we all recognize. He has books, mazes, scripts,
brilliantly performed with grace and panache. Danny is part of the future of poetry. He is constantly improving.

Every audience concurs- Danny Strack is top drawer talent!



Political Theater

(YouTube Video, runtime: 3:04)
October 12th, 2008 Feature at Spoken & Heard Poetry Night at Kick Butt Coffee in Austin, TX.
Filmed by Ron G.

Walls and Sidewalks
(YouTube Video, runtime: 2.53)
January 2011
This was recorded by Good Ghost Bill in early 2011.

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Dny Performing!

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