From my faculties

Wandering for gold I
Caught a sparkle in the crowd,
Hows about a dance little lady
I screamed in her ear
Charmed I'm shure, she pulled me to the floor I swung her around like I held her on a leash, and as the evening progressed,
I taught her to heel,
Till her eyes were looked at me with puppy respect.

Thinking me a philanthropist she let me take her home
I fed her cherrys and wine,
My lips red with lipstick
and her's red with wine,
Her nipples were rubys, her cheeks were rouge, my sweat drenched us both, I kissed it from her eyes,
and when we fell asleep stacked like only lovers can, our dreams were of each other, not another, just each other.

In the morning she could only remember the dancing, she said innocent-like as I took her home.
But I know she still loves me like no other man, and so she can say what she will.