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The Snow Ball


Listen close kids,

I've got a tale that's tall,

it's about an winter party,

that was called the snow ball.


On that one special day, each and every year,

the sky all over the world would suddenly clear,

and if you went outside in the northern hemisphere,

you might hear people say,

I wonder where all the snow went today?


And indeed,

it had all gone a long way away...


To the snow chateau,

down south of the south pole,

where it was so cold fire froze and lightning shivered,

where even the day-trippers from the Antarctic-ice-depletion-observation station didnít dare to tread,

if you went there youíd freeze from the inside out starting with your liver and ending with your head.


And the clouds were in on the conspiracy,

so not even the sun was there to see

the coolest party ever-

the best of all festivals in the world:


Arriving snow angels rode in

and as the wind swirled around them

they took the up limbs of their gentle-snowmen,

and twirled to-and-fro on the crystal dance floor,

to the tune of snow buffalo playing banjo,


But sure,

all the snow creatures were all there,

and all those snow flakes,

they drank howling whine,

and dined on snow cakes.


There were flurries of slurry,

and slushes of crust,

and even the TV snow that makes your set go fritzy,

was breaking the ice with a snow bird named Mitzy.


Everyone was eating the snow nachos and snow ho-hos,

but most would forgo the snow escargot-


They were all doing dances like the frozen slide and the snow plow.

and if you were a witness to the show,

you might wonder how all this powder packed in,

yet the snow crowd would continue to grow

until it overflowed the whole snow chateau,

and onto the snow patio,

and into the snow gazebo!


And thatís when the glorious global snow dance,

officially turned into a mighty avalanche!

it was iceís annual deliverance,

renewal and continuance,

and it was glorious each time it happened!

but eventually the party came to an end.


Because, of course, that was all a long time ago...


and now, here we sit, in the year 3000,

when most of the world is covered with sand

and in 30-oh-aught,

most of the time itís incredibly hot,

and most folks have never even heard of snow.

And the ones that do know,

heard a sad tale from their great-granddad,

who related a glum song from his great-grandmum.


about a time when the sky used to overflow with snow,

and that one special day each year,

when the sky would clear.




(c) Copyright 2009, Daniel R. Strack

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