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Slam Poetry

I perform spoken word in the slam every week at The Scoot Inn in Austin, TXI

You can find us there every Wednesday at 7:30pm! We're loving our new venue! Find us at 1308 East 4th Street.

Come check it out!!!


I've also been rolling down to Puro Slam in San Antonio somewhat infrequently,
The Hideout on Mondays for the open mic at 7th & Congress,
Ruta Maya's open mic on Tuesdays,
Kick Butt Coffee's Open Mic on Sunday eveings,
and some Thursdays at the Neo-Soul Lounge
and other assorted poetry venues around town.


You can read and listen to some of the poetry I might speak!
I will try to keep this collection constantly shifting so that there is always something new.
(Updated November, 2008)

For more, check out my chapbooks!

I also try to read lots of new poems in the weekly slam.



I've moved all the video content from this page to my New Video Section!

You should check it out here!

Now with embedded video goodness!

Expect more audio and text content on this page in coming months!

Slam Poem Audio Downloads
Here are three .mp3s of my poetry for you to download and listen to.
(right-click, save target as)

Olympic Torch**
The Smallest Marsupials of All** (see below for poem text)

*mp3 courtesy of KUT radio 90.5,
**courtesy of Mike Henry & Austin Slam.

I was also interviewed by KUT leading up to the 2007 nationals.

Download My Interview (mp3)
Link to All Interviews



Top two photos courtesy of David Hendler,
All rights reserved to the photographer,
Copyright , 2005, David H Hendler.


Old Slam Poem Text
(Nothing here is newer than 2006)



Joy Song

The Cloud Carnival of Cairo

Olive Oyl

The Smallest Marsupials of All

How to Stay Tight

Worst Video Game Ever

Winter Break Girl






Bottom two photos courtesy of Katie Cowden,
All rights reserved to the photographer,
Copyright , 2005, Catherine Cowden.



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