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A Liberal Dose Conserves Most


President Barrack Obama!!!!

President Barrack Obama!!

Sounds so good I wanna say it twice!


Sounds so nice,

heís gonna make things right and change things,

heís gonna change things!


Us liberals love to change things!

To switch stuff around...

By definition-

progressives want progress,

society is a train that seems stuck at the station,

we gotta get it on down the track and round the mountain,

cause thereís so much shit wrong I couldnít even begin to list it

We need to fix it.

Thatís why we elected our man!

ĎCause ďYes We Can! Yes We Can!Ē



Iíve got 3D glasses,

so letís do the other side,

and just for fun,

letís do it backwards,


ďNo We Canít! No We Canít!Ē

Thatís not a winning slogan,

but still,

we must be cautious when trying to fix it,

cause thereís so many things that could go wrong I couldnít even begin to list it.

Maybe the train is broken and needs repair,

but at least it usually functions,

how would you like to be zooming around in a train with no brakes?

A train some progressive economist strapped a nuclear rocket engine into

so it can go a thousand miles an hour!?!Do you really want to be trapped in a flying rocket train smashing into a mountain?

How quickly you forget your history,

when every corrupt government in existence was founded by revolution,

true conservatives council caution when advancing the story of society.

Because by definition,

conservatives want to conserve things,

to save what they can of what we have,

change can be dangerous,

but liberals insist on always changing things!


And I understand both points of view,

I think most of us do.


Most everybody I know,

republican or democrat,

is progressive about social issues and conservative about economic ones.


Now maybe my sample set is skewed cause Iím a poet and live in the hippieville ghetto,

but I do believe that most people are kind hearted,

and that we all want peace and prosperity for our country.


Conservatives want the existing system to thrive,

while progressives want to shift the system around,

we need them both for balance.


(Although those definitions, it seems like conservatives should be pro-environment,

they could hold a convention of conservative conservationists,

while progressives should be pro-death to planet Earth,

Ďcause that would be a really liberal idea.

But anyways...)


Iím a progressive because Iím not afraid of the future,

I think we can change things for the better,

like a little train chugging up a mountain,

ďI think we can, I think we can.Ē


Thatís why we elected our man,

heís gonna change things

heís gonna make it right and change things,

sounds so nice,

sounds so good I wanna say it thrice,

President Barrack Obama.



(c) Copyright 2008, Daniel Strack

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