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I might fail

Not every seed can succeed.

I've got roots dug in and my limbs extended,
and the fruits of this labor
I offer the world,
whatever I create,
I hope you find a bite that is juicy and sweet.

And even if you don't,
if you find the flesh bruised and bitter.  
I still won't give up,
I will work to make my art better.  

Put my time where my mouth is
and turn this potential into kinetic energy-
pound the pavement like a jackrabbithammer,
like the breakthrough growth of roots,
absorb books like water,
like they know something I don't,
'cause they do,
and I will never stop turning over new leaves,
or strengthening my core sample,
I'll find joy in every new germination,
and keep offering up fresh creations,
in the hopes the fruit tastes sweeter each time.  

And I still might fail.

But that just makes it worth trying.


(c) Copyright 2009, Daniel R. Strack

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