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Two men are looking into each other's eyes,

for a sign of weakness.


Deep in the gray eyes is a frozen yellow starburst filled with the sky,

while brown eyes hide a spiral flame ring in crimson and gold.


The crystal eyes match a gray mask of hair and beard,

surprisingly sprouting like weeds from even his eyelids and forehead.

He is recalling every triumph of white knuckles colliding with face,

and putting that thought into his stoned gaze:

'it is not yet my time to stand down.'


His young fiery adversary stands just as tall,

comparing his enemy to a tired ape on the nature channel,

trying to prove the dominant male.

Brown eyes thinks this is an almost intellectual challenge,

a daring contest to strike or stand down,

and though he is untested and suspects the veteran's tricks,

he knows his time is now, or near,

so he stands,

hands at the ready,

and stares.


Two men, like cold war countries,

are looking into, like weapon inspectors,

each other's eyes, like propaganda,


for a sign of weakness.


(c) Copyright 2006, Daniel Strack

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