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Genuine cold action

says the candy stick crone

stirring toothpaste thick

pepto-bismol pink cinnamon taffy in her cauldron

she says it represents the molten core of the world

she says and my life she says


she stripes my back with it like a candy cane

and I am free yes free

on the wintergreen breeze

I soar into the future sky head full of buzzing

because I am restless and helpless to resist

and endless is my list of things to do today

but I keep getting distracted

by colorful eyelids parachuting through the clouds with

teddy bear's strung up by their lashes

I can see my face painted on one and the face of my great grandchild on another

then come

monks of ages past

offering yellow repentance

they strap it to my gut like airplane landing gear laughter

when it deploys

candy coated farmers market animal crackers

come pouring out onto the children beneath this rainbow funride

but I'm never flying though these sunshine parts again

so I might as well spend some time strutting and pecking for chickenfeed

with the other chicks and roosters in the yard sky

I'm just waiting to be

transported to the land of milk and cookies where everything is happy fun

all the time happy fun and I want some

and I just want to roll up there in my candy apple green Chevrolet

top down, pimped out, rims still spinning, you know what I mean

but people don't even have the decency to throw rotten apples

they throw their leftover tuna casserole from last month, black with mold

and bread, they throw bread, hard crusty baguettes, missiles,

and I'm not willing to put my body at risk

for something that really doesn't matter in the long run

but maybe it could have if I tried harder

it's getting harder and harder to fly by the seat of my pants

disconnected from the ground parachuting down like teddy bears

lashed to eyelids, only it's more like I'm dangling from Teddy's shoelaces

and he's trying to kick me free cause

I'm dragging him down and teddy bears can't exist on the ground

and big boys can't float in the air

and I'm going to have to spend the night in jail here pretty soon

if I don't get my shit together

but for some reason I'm not afraid cause I've still got my oily back

and my belief in myself.


just then I got kicked loose by my teddy bear

but I'm over the blue razzleberry ocean, maybe I will survive this fall

stranger things have happened

I remember one time grinning caves everywhere burst out crying

from the grapefruit citrus pain of the starburst world

and the fire that burns at it's core of atomic fireball cinnamon taffy

so sad cause it needs release

only when it releases it destroys the trees living on the islands beneath me

but these are our homes, they cry they cry

but I have to make lava he cries he cries

he will never let them escape he has bigger concerns

he is contemplating suicide,

and he has to deal with me falling out of the sky with a giant cherry throat lozenge

crying, "take your medicine!"

straight into the mouth of the volcano just before it erupts

and stopping up the hole.