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Why I Slam  (I am full of light)


The world isn't perfect.

or even fair.


Some days a blue gray haze falls over my vision.

Makes me feel like a mountain,

snow-covered and ostracized from the range.


Some days even puddles cry,

the whole world senses your mood,

and lets loose from the sky.


But somedays it's beautiful,

like riding a  bike through a panorama of leaves and grass and white-pink cherry blossom petals falling like snowflakes across streets and sidewalks that make great deserts for ants and slugs,

like an endless row of Texas.


No matter what the weather was like,

when earth spins away from the sun,

and our moon rides the tides in,

you'll find me whiling away hours under a bare bulb,


whistling with rhythmic winds,

with the sunshine sirens singing glistening ideas from the ether.


You can cock your head sideways to listen,

and they'll whisper of worlds you might wish for;

if you still wish on stars;

if you still believe they might come true...


I do.


That's why I can't sleep,

Sparks keep bursting through my mind:


Like I never stopped believing there was good in the universe,

and better,

and that we can make things better.


That's why I write,

because I can't sleep,

I'm a yellow balloon about to pop with hallelujah helium,

and I have to show you that life can be amazing!


That's why I slam,

because I can't sleep,

and someone has to represent the bright side of the coin,

when so many poets are like open wounds,

spitting only anger like blood from broken jaws;

injecting only hatred like venom from cobra fangs.


And I'll know the world isn't perfect,

or even close to fair.

So let's try to fix it!


But instead you insist on describing only pain in your poetry,

as if all the world has to offer is hate.



I'll never accept that.


You can not put out my light,

no matter how black you paint the canvas,

I'll always find a way to add color.


I will never accept that there is more beauty in tragedy than comedy,

that there is more inherent value in pain than joy,


My light will always shine,

like joyful noise breaks silence every time,

like a torch always breaks darkness.


That's why I can't sleep.

The sunshine streaming from my skin scares the sandman away.


That's why I write,

to share light-beaming smiles with you.


That's why I slam,

because I don't just wish for a better world,

I fight to make it happen.




(c) Copyright 2007, Daniel Strack

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