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    Still Life  

    I told a story 
    To my friend 
    Itís all the same 
    Itís all the same 

    I woke up 
    And went to blank 
    Then I came home 
    And went to bed 

    So the other day 
    Something happened 
    And then another thing 

    Once I was there 
    My mind was clear 
    Itís all the same 
    Itís all the same 




    So I helped him out 
    Might as well 
    Sit on the couch 
    And stare 

    Breathe air 
    Blink blink 
    Listen look 
    Touch taste 

    More more 
    I want more 
    Now now 
    Now now 

    Iíll die in the end 
    All the same 
    So itís all the same
    To me.



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