Simple song 

    I wish I was a simple song, 
    you would hear me on the radio 
    and sing me while you shower. 

    I wish I was always on the tip of your tongue, 
    or reflected in a tear 
    caressing your holy cheek. 


    Iím back 
    Iíve been away on business for months 
    Maybe even years 
    Iím glad to be home 
    As long as Iím here I might as well get my affairs in order 
    At any moment I might step out for coffee 
    And never return 


    What kind of hell is this? 

    Forced to think for myself. 
    Thrust into decisions. 
    Held accountable for my actions. 
    Never allowed to be subservient 
    To a higher god. 
    Or a better man. 

    A swingset in a swamp 

    When and where am I going to wake up 
    From this 
    It just doesnít fill me up anymore. 
    I want to lie there and listen to music. 
    But honestly, 
    Not even that can excite me. 
    I would kill myself 
    If I wasnít so afraid 

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