Stars on Towers 
    The stars are on towers 
    The clouds hang by strings 
    A cassette tape recording 
    Of a morning bird sings 

    Constellations blink out 
    Cardboard moon falls away 
    And a 100 watt light bulb 
    In the background brings day 

    From beyond paper cornfields 
    A knight rides a broom 
    His armor shines brightly 
    He crosses the room 

    He strides to the middle and announces to all: 
    ďwhat I say is important, listen carefully!Ē 
    everyone cheers wildly 
    tears of joy stream down your face. 





    My soul 
     I do have a soul
    I donít know his name
    Heís been everywhere Iíve been
    Seen everything.
    You canít talk to him though
    Or ask him his name
    He sits in the dark 

    Here I am!  
                        in the back seat of a speeding life 
                        wishing I could bust out the window and get just 
                        a little leg-room. 

    There I go! 
                            behind my gaze 
                            wishing I was driving. 

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