itís so simple 

    itís so simple 
    that the firm flat ground 
    beneath our feet 
    is actually an enormous sphere 
    which spins at a thousand miles an hour 
    and that gravity 
    is the mystical force that holds us in 
    and makes the planets move 
    around in space 
    which is simply a great emptiness 
    being whisked along by time. 




Symbolism rhymeA
Metaphor rhymeB
Parallel sentence rhymeA
Parallel sentence rhymeB

Rhythm rhythm rhythm rhythm rhythm rhythm rhymeC 
Repetition repetition repetition rhymeD
RhymeC is embedded in this sentence
Here is a sentence with rhymeD in it

Then that goes on for a while sprinkled with
awesome alliteration and pop-culture references,

and then,
the dramatic ending,
laying bare the soul of the issue.


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