The Universals

    Smell that?
    We're all breathing the same air!
    These breaths that I am taking are filled with tiny particles from each of your mouths!
    And you are breathing air that has been inside of me as well.

    Hear that?
    We're all using the same words!
    And using them to say different things!
    But what we're really saying is, "Like me!, Listen to my words!"
    "Isn't there anybody out there who can understand me?"

    See that?
    All the pretty colors!
    Just light reflecting and refracting in slightly different wavelengths!
    And our species has evolved the ability to perceive these subtleties,
    so that we can differentiate objects from one another,
    but we can see only a tiny portion of the spectrum of waves.






    Taste that?
    It's in most things we eat and drink,
    It's inside of us, so we need it to live,
    and it falls from the sky in large drops.

    Feel that?
    We are stuck to the ground as surely as if we were a part of it!
    Just like the furniture we created from trees!
    Just like the building we created from rocks!
    We are of the earth, we are of the ocean,
    We are bees with a bigger hive! Beavers with bigger dams!

    Think of all the things we share with each other and with the other animals!
    You are a part of something much bigger than yourself!
    You can call it an Eco-system, you can call it a Solar System, whatever,
    it's a system,
    and it works.





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