I shook my favorite colors 
    I shook my favorite colors 
    from my favorite box of crayons. 
    And rolled them all into a ball 
    Between my sweaty hands 

    I used my blue and green of course 
    and swirled in with the white. 
    And then I made some people 
    and then I made them fight. 

    Under cloudy skies 
    The good guys won 
    With my bloody red 
    I smeared it on. 

    So now my hands 
    Are stained with shame 
    And I melt my globe down 
    To play another game. 


    Current Events 
    Light the opposite wall 
    With wavering blues 
    Like the surface of a lake 
    And I can just make out 
    Goldfish swimming 
    Beneath the ripples. 


    I can travel across the tip of a pin, 
    in an instant. 
    But, if I was very very very very very very small, 
    it would take lightyears. 


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