Twisting in the Slow Sand 
    Iím spending some time
    Behind glass 
    Iím twisting in the slow sand
    Enveloped in upright infinity
    Elongated by optical illusion
    Iím swimming in silicon 
    Making ripples roll 
    Through the sand streams 
    And falls of time





An Atheist's Prayer

Looking up from the twentieth floor
it's easy for me to believe
that the staircase I'm climbing
will always be winding
for ages and ages
up into the sky

It won't be so easy
but I have my plans
I'm going to switch out my skin
and organs
with plastic and steel
with a realistic feel
I'll keep on rising
up into the sky

So that years from now
on mechanical legs
with an artificial brain
in my electrical head
I'll still be ascending
step by step
up into the sky
with no regrets

And should I fall
during my ascent
with my last breath
I'll fight and I'll never relent.  


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