Wow, you waited a really long time!

...that or you cheated by looking at the source code like I might have done.

here is the javascript from the purgatory page that I used to make you wait:

The highlighted portion above is the local address of this page, if you ever get to Purgatory again, just go to "view" on your browser menu, and choose, "view source."
Find the address in paraenthesis after the script, "WhereNext =" and you will find the address of the next page that will load (waiting.htm)
which you can type in your browser instead of, "purga.htm" to get to this page

(because the page is really:

By the way, if you wait on this page for 5 minutes it will change to something new as well.

Either way, this page should be something interesting- since you waited so long or were so sneaky.

here is something:


here is a birthing dolphin:


A website I designed and currently maintain:

here is an old blurry unflattering picture of me:


So far this page is pretty boring overall. I'm sorry to make you wait so long for this crap.

All the best stuff is already in other parts of my site

What more do you want from me any ways?


 Nobody's even reading this shit, and I work all night fixing broken links


I was crazy once...