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- Dny Strack -
Is One of the Top Performance Poets in Texas  

Danny Strack is the Slammaster of the Austin Poetry Slam, 2010 Austin Grand Slam Champion and a regular feature at venues throughout central Texas.  

Poetry Slam:
Danny was a member of the Austin Poetry Slam Team in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010.  In 2007, Danny also won 1st place in the Southwest Shootout Individual Poetry Slam in Albuquerque, New Mexico, a regional competition between 20 teams from across the southwestern United States.  In 2008, Team Austin performed on finals stage at the National Poetry Slam, ultimately taking 3rd place overall in Madison, Wisconsin.  Danny has performed in hundreds of poetry slams over the years, reading over 200 different poems in the process.  He's won over 30 slams, reading over 38 different poems in these winning slams alone.  He also served as a regular host of the Austin Poetry Slam in 2009. 

Performance Poetry:
Outside of the slam poetry world, Danny regularly performs, features, and runs workshops at open mics, schools, and music venues throughout Texas and beyond.   Danny's performance oriented poetry is frequently used by high school and college students in forensics competitions.

Other Projects / Theater / Film:
Danny is a member of Smoke and Mirrors Cabaret, an Austin based performance troupe currently booking shows throughout Texas.  Danny serves primarily as host, writer, juggler, magician, and occasional buffoon – as the need serves.  Smoke and Mirror's 2010 debut show, Carnivalesque was a great success in its showing at the HighBall, and they are now developing their next show, Blood, Bath, and Beyond.  Danny's juggling is improving all the time.  

Danny performed in the 'Haiku Death-Match', which received the 'Best of Festival' Award three years in the annual FronteraFest Theater Festival at the Hyde Park Theatre in 2005, 2006 and 2008. In 2006, he also wrote, directed & starred in the short FronteraFest play Zowie Kapow, and starred in the short, satiric independent film, "Gravity: Fact or Fiction" released by Jollyville Pictures. In 2010, Danny's one man poetry show, Growth, won a FronteraFest Best-of-Fest award. 

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