On one flip of my digital time 
    I chanced a glance into my mind 
      a switch was tripped and though I'm fine 
    Up the up draft up I climb 
                   I tear through the air I'm flying! I'm flying! 
                           only once I get lonely another chime 
      Tingling up my spine 
    makes me numb 
                                    and dumb 
     Slurring a term when words won't come 
       but sure I'm a bore justly shunned 
    they're there in my stare and outward they lunge 
                      once more through the nothing weighing a ton 
                    the force of the noise that comes from the none 
                            yet slaps a wet slap like the wet sponge 
       All of my fall was at a run 
    it was pain 
                                     all the same 
     Rushing pushing I was a train 
       sounds spin round like a crank 
               turning tired fighting faint 
                      I flopped to a stop and I was maimed 
                   from landing on land so I troll a cane 
                            to stroll along this lovely lane 
       Seconds after the digital same 
                      all alone 
                                     heading home 

         I mocked the angels who watched over me, 
         but they loved me to much to care, 
         so I pointed and laughed, 
         and told them I didn't believe in faries. 

    so they flew away,
    without angels I could do anything,
    they couldn't stop me from my happy sin
    they came back and found me, they cried.
         so I spit my angels, and 
         beat them until their wings fell off, and their halos went out. 
         and then, they looked just like me, 
         and together we walked away from heaven. 
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