Breaking Dawn 

    it's only dawn 
    only it's dawn 

    You have all the time in the world to escape. 
    escape is escape to escape the escape is escape 
                    escape to the world 
                    in time the all have you 
    will you in time 
    fight not to learn 

    only it was dawn 
    it was only dawn 

    In time you will learn not to fight. 

    did you make it? 
                    or did it make you? 





    Twirling and Swirling 
    Time Twining around Time 
    All I could see was your Eyes 
    All I could hear was the Music 


    Your lashes beating 
    Your flowing hair 
    eyes close 

    my tongue glides across your teeth 


    Tripping and Twisting 
    sway turn step sway turn turn 
    All I could hear was the Music. 

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