Mosaic in Earth-tones  

    Rainy day 
    A forest of people 
    Every individual on earth 
    Hairy and naked- 
    A muddy field 
    The day after a brushfire- 
    Unpaved parking lot- here come 
    Cars, pulling into tight rows 
    Bumper to bumper, door to door- 
    Glistening shower tiles, watch the water bead, 
    Listen to the static rain- 
    Dead grass rustling- 
    Television snow- 
    Swimming in an ashtray- 
    Splashed across an empty road 
    Stretching all night 
    City to city, door to door 
    Houses built in tight rows 
    A roof over muddy fields- 
    Clothes on the forest of people. 



    Oh you, 
    Girl of my dreams, 
    I love you, 
    Too much for words, 
    Youíve given me everything, 
    Iíve ever wanted, 
    In my life, 
    You are the one thing, 
    I will miss, 
    When I am gone, 
    But now, 
    There is nothing left, 
    For you or for me, 
    To do, 
    But grow old, 
    Fall from the branch, 
      And eventually hit the ground, 

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